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Andy Qualtrough

I'am a director of photography from Cornwall. I am based between the southwest and London. I have worked on productions from Africa to LA.

My passion for visually storytelling wether it is narrative or factual and working closely with the director to create a film unique to each project.

I work well in a team and love working with so many creative people on each production. 

I have my own kit which includes Sony FS7 and Blackmagic pocket cinema 4k.










Recent work

Last year i spent 3 months travelling 8 different countries filming a new tv series called This is Basketball. I was director and camera opp on this epic trip around the world meeting famous basketball players for a new 8 part tv series coming soon.

Recently been working as camera opp on the Craft Channel filming over 50 hours of live Tv

Director of Photography
The Legend of Mordred

The Ballad of Lucy Sands


I have been working on The Ballad of Lucy Sands as Director of Photography for over 2 years, This is an epic 6 part series to be released on streaming platforms in 2024

Award for best Cinematography

award dop.jpg


Director of photography for the feature film Nowhere.

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